Rehabilitation Center Stockton

Rehabilitation Center Stockton

Stockton Nursing Center is a perfect skilled nursing and rehabilitation center in Stockton with world-class amenities, therapies, and medical care. Our team of highly skilled physicians, nurses, home aides, therapists, and non-clinical staff provide our residents with a safe and supportive environment where they can heal and recover.

How can rehab help you recover from surgery?

Rehab is an inevitable part of post-operative care and is crucial for a safe and speedy recovery. A team of physical, occupational, and speech therapists, along with your physician, can help you return to your routine activities stronger than before. Also, they can teach you the safest way to move, walk, and engage in day to day activities to avoid overworking muscles and joints after surgery. 

Rehabilitation Aids in recovery regardless of the type of operation you undergo. From joint replacement surgeries and heart surgeries to treatment for cancers, getting started on a rehab program in the early stages can help patients return to their regular life much faster. To avoid post-operative complications, we recommend patients to join our facility soon after their discharge from the hospital. At our rehabilitation center in Stockton, we offer highly effective in-patient and outpatient therapy for post-operative patients at affordable prices.

Tips for choosing the best rehab facility

A medical rehabilitation center is a facility that offers skilled nursing care, medication management, wound care, and several other treatment therapies to post-operative patients and seniors. These are some useful tips on how to choose the best rehab facility:

  • Choose a center that precisely caters to your treatment goals and medical needs. Make sure they offer all the important components of post-operative care, like skilled nursing services, wound care, 24/7 on-call physician, medications management, etc.
  • It is important to choose a facility that has a team of highly skilled and experienced therapists, treatment specialists, nurses, and home aides.
  • A good rehab center should maintain the utmost hygiene by employing the highest standards of sanitary measures. Also, make sure to choose a facility with the best medical equipment, infrastructure, medical aids, and amenities.

Lastly, choose a facility that offers the best rehab programs at affordable prices. Also, check with your insurer about their in-network rehab facilities and the extent of coverage they offer for post-operative care.

Post-operative care after elbow replacement surgery

After an elbow replacement surgery, you will have stitches on your wound for at least a week, and during this period, you must keep the wound clean and dry. Make sure to change the dressing every day to avoid infection and pain. Patients must undergo physiotherapy after this surgery to regain strength and to be able to use their arm to its fullest potential.

Also, make sure not to lift anything substantial for at least two months after surgery. With intensive physiotherapy, patients can slowly return to their routine activities after 6-7 weeks.

At Stockton Nursing Center, we specialize in offering skilled nursing, post-operative care, wound care, medication management, and so much more. Call our rehabilitation center in Stockton today for details on admissions and prices.

Rehabilitation Center Stockton
Stockton Nursing Center
Rehabilitation Center Stockton
4545 Shelley Court
Stockton CA 95207 US

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