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Medical Detox Orange County

Medical Detox Orange County

Substance addiction can be a life-altering condition with multiple long-term implications. Undergoing medical detox in Orange County immediately will set you on the path for recovery before the condition aggravates any further. Still Water Wellness Group offers customized detox services to ensure our patients’ safety and comfort during the procedure.

Do I need detox for drug and alcohol addiction?

Yes, the detoxification treatment is critical during our alcohol and drug rehab in Lake Forest. The procedure kickstarts the rehabilitation treatment, stabilizing patients, cleansing their bodies of drug and alcohol-related toxins, and preparing them for upcoming treatment modalities. The detox procedure doesn’t function as a standalone rehab treatment but as the first phase in one.

Without professionally supervised detox, you can’t overcome the withdrawal safely and comfortably. At our facility, we rely on patient-oriented detox to:

  • Minimize the withdrawal’s effects
  • Reset the addicted brain
  • Reduce the physical and psychological discomfort during the procedure
  • Prevent short-term relapse
  • Ensure the patient’s safety throughout the detox process, etc.

Why our detox program is one of the best

Our team relies on detoxification treatment to prepare patients for the drug addiction treatment in Lake Forest, encompassing a variety of rehab modalities. Several things make our detox program unique and a lot more effective and reliable than others:

  • High level of customization – We tailor the treatment to our patients’ medical and psychiatric needs and recovery goals. The treatment begins with in-depth clinical evaluation, allowing our professionals to find out more about your clinical status and plan the detox program accordingly. This approach will boost the treatment’s effectiveness and prepare patients for the upcoming rehab for drugs and alcohol.
  • Continuous care and assistance – We never leave our patients unattended since we are trained in providing care and clinical assistance 24/7. This will ensure your comfort, security, and peace of mind throughout the treatment, knowing that you have a competent team of rehab professionals at your disposal around the clock.
  • Dual diagnosis assistance – The dual diagnosis program refers to diagnosing, medicating, and treating co-occurring disorders that may impact patients’ ability to recover and stay sober over the years. The dual diagnosis program can extend throughout the whole addiction treatment rehab and beyond, as many individuals need prolonged care and assistance daily for years to come.

Join our best rehab centers in Lake Forest today!

The sooner you join the rehabilitation program, the better for you and your future. The detox program is that much more effective the sooner you sign in, allowing you to combat the withdrawal faster and with less physical and psychological discomfort. If you require medical detox in Orange County and consider joining our rehab treatment after, we recommend contacting our professionals today.

At Still Water Wellness Group, we help patients cope with their disorders in a conducive, welcoming, and safe environment, far from every day’s stressors and triggers. Contact our rehabilitation team at 1-800-563-8983, make an appointment today, and come in for a diagnosis, clinical evaluation, and detox. This is your chance to quit your harmful behaviors and seek the treatment and support you need for a sober and fulfilling lifestyle moving forward.

Medical Detox Orange County
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Medical Detox Orange County
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